12 Jul

What Email Hosting is About

Want a professional email address?

Email hosting is a great solution for those interested in only hosting email accounts without a website. For those of you who do not currently have plans in place for a website, email hosting allows you to brand your email messages with every message you send or receive giving you the professional presence you deserve. You can obtain an email address like from the packages shown below on our email hosting page. Keep in mind you still need to own a domain name. But don’t worry if you don’t have one, you will still be able to order one during our package sign-up process.

About our Email Hosting Plans

All of our email hosting plans, allow you to seamlessly migrate to any of our shared hosting plans in the future should the need arise. Migration to our shared hosting plans happens instantly, without loosing any of your email messages, and without any extra configuration, leaving “the headache” out of the process.

Just like any robust email system you be able to send attachments like any professional business and will separate you from the generic email systems such as Gmail and Yahoo.

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All of our plans allow you to have access to your email from any computer desktop, devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android. With your desktop, you can seamlessly integrate your email with such applications as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple OSx Mail to name a few. Mozilla Thunderbird is free and downloadable from here. You will also have the ability to access to your mailbox via Webmail from any browser.

Grow as you need more resources by upgrading instantly whenever you feel the time is right.


Get Started Today

Get started with an email hosting plan that is right for you. We are offering 20% off on all 1year payment plans. This is like getting a little more than 2 months free!

Access you email from any mobile device
Outlook compatible
The ultimate WHRU SpamAxe add-on

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