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Founder of the company, Chris R. Bennett, began in IT for an office furniture distributor in 1985. As MIS Director, he handled and developed many programming projects in RPGII for the IBM® System36®. In 1994 he went on to develop various RPGIII/IV applications for the office furniture industry on the IBM® AS/400® iSeries® which is now also known today as the system i5®. In 2004, he noticed in the “internet world”, users were being left behind. Many companies had no web presence, either due to lack of IT resources or because of confusing technology in how to achieve the desired result.

With this vision, Chris started WebHosts R Us, Inc., offering an affordable hosting service with personal support for users that need the extra help. During this phase he departed from the office furniture industry to consult the European community on the IBM i5. This was a great opportunity to focus on WebHosts R Us. During his experience, he learned to appreciate the wonderful world of Linux because of it’s open source. Chris continues to do consulting and application development on the IBM® AS/400® iSeries® and System i5®.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enable people to attain a web site by giving a helping hand to those whom are left out.

In today’s world, most would say “if one does not have a web presence it is not worth the effort to deal with them”. They are correct in most cases. There are some exceptions such as your local convenience store.

Being on the web helps your potential customers find you and review what services you have to offer. If you have the information available, they will contact you. It’s that simple! As of the “Internet Usage Statistics” for 2014, there are more than 310 million internet users in just North America alone. Take a look at the internet exposure one could be missing out on from Internet World Stats.


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Once you decide to go with WebHosts R Us, you will like our personal service that goes with “Managed Web Hosting Support”.

We invite everyone to try us out free for 30 days or your money back because we feel that “all” potential customers, on the web or not, should be with WebHosts R Us, Inc. not only because we are nice, but because we have superior service.

If you are a web designer or web developer and you decide you would like to use us as your hosting company, we will welcome you as a reseller which would give you additional opportunities. Please contact us for more details specific to your needs.

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