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A little blurb about our shared hosting plans

When you select a Shared Hosting plan, you will be hosted on premium Dell servers running RAID-10 to ensure fast database processing while offering full redundancy on your hosted domain. Also, server network connections utilize an optimal dual redundant 1000Mbit Internet connection inbound and outbound.

Our Linux-based shared Web hosting plans provide you with the perfect balance between functionality and economy. These plans are ideal for small to medium sized sites with an average volume of traffic. Our shared plans all come with completely free activation and access to a control panel that gives you the ability to finely control the configuration of your web space.

When you decide you need to grow to the next level hosting plan, you can do so without tedious migrations or down time. We recognize that some customers have no desire to learn the details of Web hosting configuration. If you are one of those customers, we offer an additional Managed Web Hosting Support option. Customers choosing this option can avoid getting their hands dirty with complicated settings, and instead call the Web professionals available via our helpline for help with configuration. Managed Web Hosting Support option also includes installation to a range of open-source Web applications such as WordPress and timely security updates. All of our shared hosting plans include email hosting, which comes complete with spam filtering—something essential in these days of widespread electronic junk mail. These plans include the provisioning to host MySQL databases—the cornerstone of many modern content management system (CMS) based websites.

While shared hosting is likely to be a good fit for your starter webpage or brochure site, once your site moves to the next level and starts to gain significant traffic, you may wish to consider moving to a virtual private server or a dedicated server. We offer three main shared hosting plans to choose from but can also provide you with additional options and variations to fit your exact requirements. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Before adding multiple domains(websites) to your master domain account, please read the following article about the Key Disadvantages of Add-on Domains.

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